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Introducing the 49ers Fancast!
February 12, 2009, 1:53 pm
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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, this will hopefully come as good news to you. If you’ve been directed here, you likely have heard through various other channels about the new podcast coming. We plan to have our first episode within the next two weeks.

I have long felt that the 49ers fan community needed a fan podcast that was a) regularly updated, b) had professional audio quality, and c) reflected the opinions of the fans. To that end, the 49ersfancast has a few clearly defined goals:

1) Be Consistent
We plan to be a weekly show, rain or shine, barring unavoidable emergencies and situations. We will start sometime this offseason and continue until we are unable to. Basically, we plan to establish a record of consistency long before the 2009 season even starts. If we have nothing of our own to say, at the very least we will recap what the Bay Area is saying about the 49ers and giving our opinion on that.

2) Be Blogging
We plan to maintain a regular blog, basically giving more detailed opinions and analysis than we will on the podcast. We try to always back up what we say with evidence and statistics, and when we speculate we’ll be sure to say that. We won’t get everything right, but we will make an effort to be concise, accurate, and professional.

3) Be Listening

  • Every comment on the blog that is reasoned or passionate, and sometimes both, will be heard on the podcast.
  • Every email that is sent into our inbox at — even if it is about how much we suck! — will be heard on the podcast, unless you specify you do not want it public. We will always respect the wishes of the emailer.
  • Sometimes you can’t call into KNBR and have your voice heard, because of stringent screening and time limits. We will soon establish a voicemail line so that wherever you’re listening to the 49ers Fancast, you can call in with your cellphone — if you have free long distance of course — and tell us what you think! Your comments will be aired, as long as they are family friendly, of course. If you slip up in your passion, it’s cool, we’ll just bleep it. But we want those younger 49er fans to be able to listen with their folks, too!

4) Get interviews with local writers
On my original Podcast, The Adventures of Indiana Jim, I have interviewed authors, including New York Times Bestseller Scott Sigler (which will be available this Saturday, if you’re curious). I am confident that as we establish a record of consistency and professionalism, we will be able to obtain periodic interviews with folks like Matt Maiocco and Matt Barrows. This will come with time, of course, and we will never presume that they owe us anything. But we will give it the old “college try,” as they say.

If you’d like to keep up with updates on what we’re doing, you can follow on Twitter at Keep an eye out on as well for the new website, coming soon!

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